Ahead of us, two middle-aged women step out onto the track. It is just after four in the afternoon and it appears that they are making their way home from a long day working out in the fields. Despite this, they have their tailored felt hats sitting perfectly above their plaited hair, their crisp white…

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Vicente Guerrero > Cataviña > El Cardon > Santa Rosaliíta > Misión San Francisco de la Borja > Bahía de los Ángeles > San Rafael > Rancho Piedra Blanca > Vizcaíno > San Ignacio (more…)

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Beeeeeep. Beep. Beep. Vwwwwwmm. Toot toot. Vwwwwmm. ‘Ehhh’. Beep beep. Neeee noooor neeee noooor....Bam. And just like that, we’ve hit the city. Sounds, sirens, people, cars and motorbikes are everywhere, moving fast and for a moment it feels like we’re standing in the epicentre, paralysed and confused, senses on overdrive. And just a little bit…

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Our time in Baja came to a close almost two weeks ago and so my last blog on Baja is a piece with some reflections from our time here as well as on my initiation to bikepacking. (more…)

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Heat and Hydration

Feeling rather smug after not only completing our tasks (washing clothes, food shopping, blog-writing and communications) but also catching up on rest and relaxation on our two days in Bahía de los Ángeles, we woke up bright and breezy ready to get back on the road. (more…)

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It seems that my first blog post sparked sympathy tears from several of you and, whilst I can assure you that was certainly not my intention, I am so grateful for the kind and supportive messages. I was really quite taken aback. (more…)

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